Welcome to Willesden College

Willesden College international is a renewed international school providing nursery, primary and secondary education in English medium. At Willesden, our objective and goal is to not only to provide an academic education, but also to nurture and grow every child to a complete individual valuable to society. Willesden college international provides educational services to children from the tender age of 2 years up to Advanced level examinations. From their first step at Willesden college international, our academic staff are committed to ensuring each child is guided and nurtured to reach their full potential and receive all the tools to face challenges in the world of education.

The history of Willesden College international dates back up to 1991 as one of the first international schools to open in Sri Lanka and has been successfully operating for over 26 years. It is located close to Colombo city limits in Battaramulla facing the main Road. The school comprises of attractive buildings, offers a host of amenities, including a large playground with in the premises. We follow the British curriculum and offer students the choice of attending Edexcel or Cambridge public examinations. Over the last 26 years, many students have passed London exams with A and A* results moving forward with their tertiary education in Sri Lanka and at overseas universities.

At Willesden College international we believe in providing a balanced education and aim to provide each child an opportunity to develop their skills via sports, music, arts and a host of other extracurricular activities. The school offers swimming, basketball, cricket, athletics, football and badminton, aesthetics like dancing, eastern & western music, art, social clubs like guiding, interact club and debating team. The School also provide the students with the opportunity participate in many local and international sporting events and other competitions.

Another unique aspect of Willesden college International is our commitment to ensuing that all students are raised with respect and regard for our culture and customs. The school conducts many functions and events to teach students the importance of our cultural heritage and is governed with a set of strict rules and guidelines in line with our society. Discipline is strongly maintained during school hours and at all school related activities. Willesden college also offers students an opportunity to study all religions and all religious festivities are celebrated to encourage students to respect and celebrate all religions and races.

Our motto "EDUCATION. DICSPLINE. SUCCESS". At Willesden College our aim is to provide every child with a well balanced education and develop balanced moral judgment and social view leading towards a successful future. We welcome all parents to join hands with us to provide your child with the best education has to over by enrolling at Willesden college international.