Willesden college international was founded on the 17th of October 1991 by our late chairman Mr.D.J Silva as he realized the necessity of providing children the opportunity to pursue their studies in English medium in order to meet the challenges of the 21st century. He believed that all children, not just the privileged should have access to an English education. With this objective in mind, Willesden college was opened and has been in the service of education for over 25 years.

Mr.D.J De Silva was an successful entrepreneur and businessman in the United kingdom and Sri Lanka managing several import and export business before entering the field of education. He exceptional business acumen and experience was instrumental in setting up an educational institution and ensuring the children receive a quality English education keeping in line with the cultural values of our country. Mr. De Silva was a strong practicing Buddhist and ensured that teachers and students conducted themselves in accordance to their religious beliefs. He was also credited in building and developing several Buddhist temples and institutions around his home town and are still managed in his memory. His service to the field of education will always be remembered with gratitude by the many students that pass out from Willesden college International each year.


Our chairperson, Mrs.S.Wijetunga has been at the helm of operations for over 12 years guiding the school towards achieving greater heights in Education. An Educational Professional by qualification, she has been mainly involved in nursery and primary care education prior to joining the school. With many years of experience in education, she is committed to building and developing Willesden college International towards been the leading international educational service provider.


Mr. Aloysius Chandrasekera

The Principal, Mr. Aloysius Chandrasekera has over 30 years of experience as a senior administrator and 15 years of experience as principal of international schools. He took over the administration of Willesden College International in March 2010.

Mr. Chandrasekera has a dynamic personality and excellent organizational skills not only in the sphere of education but also in social, religious and cultural activities.

The students are encouraged to participate and gain knowledge in various fields of personality development. Mr. Chandrasekera is a person with vision mission and foresight.

The principal has leadership strength and proven ability to manage multiple responsibilities with critical dead times. Also a proven ability in identifying problems and implementing innovative ideas.

Deputy Principals

Mr.Thilina Jayasinghe

Mrs. Faritha Samsudeen